Hey there, Iā€™m Katrina.


I'm a writer, editor, educator, traveler, and finder of lost things.

I was born and raised in Upper Michigan, and I adopted Tennessee as a friendly, sweet tea-loving substitute during high school. I hold a BA in Honors English from the University of Tennessee and an MFA from Chatham University with concentrations in Creative Writing and Pedagogy. I taught courses from British Culture and English Composition, to World Literature and an identity-based nonfiction course I co-created for inmates at a county jail.

Since then, I developed my skills as a copywriter, content marketer and creative strategist. I learned some analytics, UX, HTML, CSS and design along the way. After some time in Pittsburgh, Brooklyn and Nashville, I settled in Seattle. I am a 2018-2019 Made at Hugo House Fellow. You'll usually find me eavesdropping on conversations around town, on my way to a reading, dance class, a game or brunch.